Saturday, March 31, 2012

an update..

Life is good.
Really good. I feel incredibly happy in my role as a mother. I love the dressing-up & pretend play, hilarious dialogue and drama that a two year old girl brings. I love seeing the girl Claire is becoming with all of her spunk, personality and lovable attributes. She's as sweet as can be and I'm glad she's so generous with her hugs and kisses and compliments. I'm so glad she's mine. She's a smart one, that girl! And is frequently our source for laughs and entertainment.

I love the cuddly time I get with my Charlie Tait. I love how frequently he still reminds me of the miracle of life. That just 8 weeks ago he was just kicking away in my belly.... then prolonging his belly time... and now he's forever changed our lives and we're just over the moon for him.

This month we've enjoyed warmer weather, getting out to the park & going on walks, a mass amount of birthday celebrations and hot chocolate chip cookies (among other carefully collected pinterest recipes.) I haven't enjoyed being sick the greater part of the month, but at least Claire and Charlie have been spared. A full head to toe rash was the final blow that kicked my mood from, "ok, I guess I can handle the flu and a cold every few years" to "seriously, I'm just really mad this won't go away." It's actually been quite ridiculous and annoying. And do you want to know what the doctor said about my itchy, horrific looking, leporous-like skin rash?! side effect from the antibiotic for my ear infection (week 2 of the sick period.) SIDE EFFECT! Like I shouldn't even list it as a drug allergy. Pretty sure I'll refuse to ever take it again.
Lesson learned- appreciate good health, a strong body and the body's ability to heal itself and fight off most things. Also, I must be more compassionate and empathetic as a nurse with my patients who are very sick and sometimes just mean. Because I think I'd be that patient.

On a more positive note: we're super excited and ambitious about our garden this year. We're lucky to have lots of room in our backyard for so much fresh fruit and vegetable potential. We got the ground tilled and fertilized last week and some peas planted! I get excited just thinking about all that gardening brings. One more point for Summer being the best, and one point for Fall too for all the canning and late produce. I really can't wait!

We've learned in these eight weeks of Charlie's life that he's a very sweet, lovable boy. Just look at this face! Those cheeks! His eyes! He giggled for the first time last week and I couldn't help but squeeze him out of love in hopes it would squeeze more giggles out.

and did I mention tolerable?!

Miss Claire's dolls are taking the back-burner to a real live baby who really cries, poops and smiles back at you. She loves him. She's a natural and has been nothing but sweet to her little brother.

So goodbye March, hello April!
Here's to hoping these next months bring more blue skies, warmer weather and summer fun!

we're certainly ready for it!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

making room for two

We have no other choice but to move Charlie in with Claire. Not for a while of course, but eventually. So plans are underway to neutralize the nursery a bit and change things up!

First off, new rocking chair...

consignment find. good price became better after I asked if they'd sell it for cheaper.
miss-matched pieces but I really liked them both.

mid break-down

and the final result:

the perfect roommate: clean, quiet, sweet and zero threat to steal your food

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

cookie love

as documented by instagram, my latest obsession

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

special delivery

Charlie Tait Dickson
1/30/2012, 9lbs, 3oz. 21"

13 days overdue, 9 hours of labor, 2 midwives, 1 nurse
1 bruce, 1 fiercely squeezed hand
1 screaming momma
0 needles in my back

9 lbs... that's right, 9 lbs, 3oz!
1 perfect baby
1 excited big sister
2 adoring parents
4 proud grandparents
48 total cousins

happy birthday charlie. you are irresistible!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

'twas the night of the due date..

..and all through the house, there was bashing and banging with the ceiling falling out.
the bathroom was stripped right clean of it's tiles
and the wood and debris seemed to stretch on for miles
the dust wrapped around us and waffed in our noses
and we smelled nothing of new babies or roses

and so we will wait.

which is clearly fine by me- we're up to our knees in projects, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. We've wanted to work on our basement for a while now so I'm actually really excited it's happening.
Great timing though, right?

Well, we're even more excited for this baby boy to make his debut.

I'm excited to see Claire with a real baby of her own.
I feel just a little sad to end the threesome phase of our family
but more excited to be growing our bunch.
I'm curious just how much this will rock Claire's world,
and mine and Bruce's for that matter.
I feel so blessed to have a strong body able to carry my babies
and experience the miracle of life.

So little baby, despite the mess downstairs, the dust & debris and not even having a name for you yet, we're excited beyond words to have you in our family.

come when you're ready ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012

the making of a chef

Before: killer deal at DI, $15 for this solid wooden kitchen, even came with a plastic cup and pringle (not pictured)

Bruce: "I don't think you even need to paint it!"
Snee: "ha ha. You're kidding, right?"

Christmas Eve: 2am... which actually makes it Christmas Day

Bruce: "You've got to be kidding me it's this late and we only have a 2 yr old?! These hooks aren't made for this..."
Snee: "They'll fit. I'm almost done sewing and we're done!"
(silent note to self: don't take on more than one diy project in December)

Christmas morning
Claire: "IT'S MY KITCHEN!!! Hey, where's the food?"
Bruce: "What I wouldn't do for that girl."
Snee: "phew, she loves it as much as I do!"

...going overboard...

Snee: "what? extra material = table runner, and ruffle on the oven mitt, and matching apron. It's what childhood is all about, right?!"


and we've had a little cook in the kitchen ever since!

did I say kitchen? ok, everywhere.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Falling Away

These random clear, sunny, can I say pleasant January days have been just lovely. It makes us miss the sun and remember how nice Fall was, and how great Spring will be.

Is it too early to have Spring Fever?!
Hey, can you blame a girl? I sold my soul to the sun long ago and it seems to be an irreversible deed. Winter ends for me at the end of the year. Sorry January and February.

Poor Claire asks to go swimming or to the park every. single. day.
It breaks my heart just a little to tell her it's too cold. On the bright side, the cold only brings the Spring warmth with even more welcoming arms.

Then I promise Claire we'll spend every day poolside ;)

Here's a mass amount of pictures from the Fall where we spent as much time as possible enjoying all the beautiful canyons, mountains and parks.
Thanks Utah
. We really do love you.